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Guest Speaker: Therese Rowley, Ph.D.


November 8, 2008

Therese Rowley, Ph.D. is a Skilled Intuitive, Business Consultant, and Educator. From a very young age, Therese heard Christ’s voice in her heart as she attended daily Catholic Mass. Hear Therese's story and learn about this dynamic soul and how she navigates on the earth and on the other side simultaneously.

Therese Rowley, Ph.D. is a dynamic speaker, strategic change consultant,
skilled intuitive, and innovative educator who accelerates
transformation for leaders and their companies as well as for
individuals on a spiritual path. With a distinctive background of over
25 years of experience in leadership development, strategic planning and
information technology, organizational development, and intuitive
information and healing, Dr. Rowley has partnered with business leaders
through her company, CEO Consultants, to design and implement large
scale change in the telecommunications, manufacturing, financial
services, and healthcare industries, as well as in non-profit

In a recent interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz on *Harpo Radio*, Dr. Rowley
spoke about how critical it is for leaders seeking business alignment to
be self-aware and to align their personal vision and purpose with both
their work and personal lives. She spoke about soul lessons, other
lifetimes, and how these play out at work.

Dr. Rowley facilitates clarity and peace for conscious adults and
businesses by providing extraordinary perspectives and focus, and by
using intuitive energy work to release unhelpful patterns, which
reintegrates areas of persistent misalignment. She has worked with
parents of children diagnosed with learning disorders and is the
executive producer of a DVD entitled *The Misdiagnosis of Gifted

Dr. Rowley has taught on the topic of leadership, strategic planning,
and transformation at Aon University , the University of Chicago Graham
School, the LEAD Institute at the University of Chicago, and at
Northwestern School of Continuing Studies. Dr. Rowley was Adjunct
Faculty at the University of San Francisco’s Masters Program in Human
Resources and Organization Development as well as the Undergraduate
Program for Organizational Behavior for adults completing their degrees.

Dr. Rowley\'s clients range from Fortune 100 companies to individuals
devoted to their spiritual paths. She created and was the Executive
Director of The Global Professional Development Forum, a
teaching/learning community of Professional Development Executives from
the world’s largest consulting firms. She served for two years on the
Board of Directors of the Organization Development Network in Chicago
and is Chairman of the Board of Imagine Chicago, which advances hope,
community leadership, and a positive future for children. Dr. Rowley is
also an advisor to the Crossroads Center for Faith and Work.

Dr. Rowley holds a Ph.D. in Organization Transformation from Union
Institute and University, a Masters of Management from Northwestern
University, J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, a Masters in
Public Administration from the University of Denver, as well as basic
training in somatic psychotherapy and extensive study in the area of the
human energy field.

To learn more about Dr. Rowley’s transformational Intuitive Readings
please go to: [ **][1]. Her web site is: [


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