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Guest Speaker: Nadia McCaffrey

3X NDEr; lost only son in Iraq; leads San Francisco IANDS; created excellent hospice and is now working to end the war and establish a place for returning vets. She picketed Bush's farm in Crawford, TX with Cindy Sheehan. Don't miss this!

Nadia McCaffrey has engaged in public speaking for over a decade. She
has presented talks on Near Death Experiences and on her service work
with the dying at universities including UC Berkeley (2000) and John F
Kennedy University (2002), Dominican University of San Rafael, the 2003,
etc International IANDS Conference as well as to organizations like the
Center for Living with Dying, churches, homeless shelters and at many
other events.

In addition, she has been featured on many television and radio talk
shows; in \"Children of the New Millennium\" a book of research on
children\'s Near-Death Experiences by PMH Atwater; \"We Live Forever\"
by PMH Atwater , published by A.R.E. (Edgar Cayce\'s Foundation) and in
Vital Signs Magazine. Nadia also appeared on national Television in a
new release by Automat Pictures: \"Cheating Death, Beyond and Back\" a
scientific research documentary, rated the best documentary on the
Near-Death Experience. Another research documentary for a 2 hour US film
to be released in 2008.

A research documentary on the Near-Death Experience, made by a German
film company was released in 2003 in English and German language, for
European Television viewing. The film is to reveal the truth and the
impact from the near-death experience after-effects into the
Experiencer\'s life and readjustment to living again. She has also done
interviews with the Discovery Channel for a series of documentaries on
the NDE.

After her son\'s death, Nadia McCaffrey traveled to the Middle East with
filmmaker Mark Manning. They sought answers to what causes wars and met
with Iraqi mothers. Nadia explains her purpose, \"I wanted to look them
in the eye and share their pain.\"

She has since traveled through Europe conducting interviews in Paris
with FRANCE3 TV and radio, and ARTE CHANNELS TV (EU). In the US, she
interviewed with Good Morning America, The Today\'s Show, The Paula Zahn
Show, The Aaron Brown Show, MSNBC, CNBC, DemocracyNow! TV (3x), Morning
on 2, and CNN many times. Her story has been told through documentaries,
radio shows, and in magazines (such as Vanity Fair and Newsweek) and
newspapers. She has appeared on the front page of USA TODAY (twice), and
the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times many times, San Francisco
Chronicle, El Jazeera, BBC, La Pravda, etc.

<p. Nadia spent 23 days in Belgium and 10 days in Jordan, meeting with magazine, newspaper, radio, and TV media outlets. Her message is sympathy, compassion and peace as the means to ending the immorality of the U.S. Invasion and occupation of Iraq. Nadia spent 23 days in Belgium and 10 days in Jordan, meeting with
magazine, newspaper, radio, and TV media outlets, and major

Her message is sympathy, compassion and peace as the means to ending the
U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. Nadia works at this time with the
veterans coming home from the Middle East, Healing the inner-wounds,
PTSD. She is creating a series of permanent Spiritual and Palliative
Care Retreats, an ecologically sound farm totally self-sustained. Nadia
has had three NDEs.

To read an interview of Nadia McCaffrey with Amy Goodman, please go to:

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