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Guest Speaker: Tiffany Snow


October 9, 2004

Struck by lightening which produced a profound NDE, Tiffany Snow discovered she had been gifted with healing ability. Now, as Author of two books, Tiffany continues her healing work as a Reiki practioner in CA.

<i>\"Healing Prayer, Medical Intuitiveness and Hands-on Healing combined
with the Near-Death Experience of a Lightning Strike, make Tiffany Snow
unique and very powerful in the world of healers. Be prepared to be
amazed.\" - L. Adams, Ph.D </i>

Tiffany was born in Vista, California. As a child, Tiffany was in touch
with the other side, but learned to deny her abilities in order to \"fit
in.\" She grew up as an only child, traveling the back roads of the
\"American Dream\" in a motor-home. During that time, Tiffany started
writing, playing instruments and painting. When she grew up, she settled
in Nashville, TN, where she went on to produce instrumental and country
albums, tour extensively, and receive standing ovations at the Grand Ol

She came off the road shortly before the lightning strike which changed
her life forever. Her near-death story is on the Chicago IANDS web site
under \"NDE Stories.\" Coming full circle, Tiffany now lives back in
Southern California with her family and the sea, where she continues to
work as a healer and author.

Tiffany practices what she calls \"Divine Healing;\"a powerful and often
miraculous place of literal God-Connection where she lifts the client\'s
physical, emotional and spiritual illnesses up through silent prayer and
hands-on-healing to the Presence of God, accessing and utilizing the
same gift she first experienced in heaven during her NDE.

She is a dynamic speaker, and has received excellent reviews from such
varied groups as IANDS, Edgar Cayces ARE, Barnes & Noble and Kiwanis.
She is a full time Healer and currently works in several clinical
locations. She teaches monthly classes on Personal Growth, Healing, and
Psychic Phenomena / Intuitive Abilities. She has gives workshops across
the country and is currently doing a series for The Learning Annex in
Los Angeles and San Diego, CA.

Tiffany Snow has a Doctorate of Divinity from World Christianship
Ministries and a Masters of Theology from Suffield University. She is a
Licensed CE Provider for the California Board of Registered Nursing
(Governed by the State of California Dept. of Consumer Affairs), a
Licensed Theocentric Healer by the Commission on Religious Counseling
and Healing, a Member of the International Holistic Healing Circle &
Society, a Missionary Pastor at Corner Stone Christian Fellowship, and a
Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, 4th Degree.

Tiffany has authored two books, *Psychic Gifts in the Christian Life:
Tools to Connect,* and *The Power of the Divine: A Healer\'s Guide,* and
has had articles published in several magazines, including *Holistic
Health* and *The Healing Path. Two more books are scheduled to be
released within the next two years.* She has been filmed for a TV
documentary on NDES to be aired through Campus Crusade in 125 countries.
A 45 minute radio interview about her near-death experience and healing
gifts is available 24 hours a day on Her story has also
been taped for inclusion on PAX TV.

For more information, please visit Tiffany\'s website: [


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