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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Thomas Gates, NDEr, Healing Facilitator and video: THE DAY I DIED


August 14, 2004

Don't miss this opportunity to view the complete BBC video which the conference goers loved---and be a part of a powerful group healing by Thomas Gates.

Due to a family emergency, our scheduled speaker, Katelyn Daniels will
not appear at this meeting. HOWEVER----we have a fabulous alternative: A
viewing of the amazing BBC film, \"The Day I Died,\" which was
enthusiastically received at the IANDS Conference in June.

AND MORE---a powerful group healing by Thomas Gates.

In 1972 Thomas Gates was given an opportunity to take an extensive and
amazing journey all the way through the light and beyond, to the
underlying, eternal source of our existence and that of all creation. As
the Universe unfolded before him, he realized that we are all eternal
and inseparable from our source, from one another, and from every other
particle of the Universe.

Many years later Thomas realized that he had been given the gift to draw
from that same brilliant, Golden Light he had encountered in his
journey. This healing Light brings spectrums that enliven the bodys
natural physical and emotional healing process. In the simple
non-touch sessions, a process of healing begins through the increased
coherence and integration generated by the spectrums. For more
information about Thomas Gates, go to

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