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Guest Speaker: Thomas Gates


March 13, 2004

Near-Death Experiencer, Founder of Soul Source, Author, Speaker, Healing Facilitator

Thomas Gates was born in Texas in 1950 and was the fourth of five
children. He grew up in the rural countryside not far from Dallas, where
he and his brothers and sisters attended Catholic school. His father was
a fireman, and his loving mother was a homemaker and the quiet spiritual
leader of the family. At the age of twelve he began working as a
professional musician and soon became an accomplished drummer.

He spent much of his childhood playing in the woods, observing the
stars, the sky, the trees, the animals, the changing of seasons, and the
effortless flow of natures way. As a result he sensed that there must
be one simple and powerful essence sustaining all this incredibly
diverse creation.

Then, shortly before his twenty-second birthday, Thomas learned
Transcendental Meditation. This brought the experience of the underlying
wholeness of all creation and confirmed his sense of what had been
occurring in nature all along. This euphoria lasted about one week when
he suddenly found himself being rushed to the hospital with a case of

Thomas found himself in what appeared to be a losing battle for his
life. Soon after the surgery, he heard the doctors announce to his
father, \"We\'re sorry. We\'ve done everything we can. You should know
that he might not mike it.\" Within moments Thomas began an amazing and
graceful journey all the way through and beyond the \"light\" to the
underlying, eternal source of his own existence and that of all

As the universe began to unfold before him, he experienced and
understood many things about our creation. He encountered a magnificent
golden light and was completely absorbed by its powerful, healing
warmth. The greatest gift was the confirmation that we are all eternal
and inseparable from our source, from one another, or from any other
particle of the universe. This experience forever changed his perception
and understanding of life as he began a new journey back into the realm
of human existence.

As he began to share his story with others, walking them through the
journey, Thomas became aware that there appeared to be some subtle
healing value experienced by those with whom he shared. It seems to
bring a greater sense of peace and increasing freedom from some
underlying fears without specifically addressing any particular fears.
Fear is an illusion created by the belief and the resulting experience
that we are separate from the source of our whole ness and its presence
in all points of creation. With the spontaneous collapse of fear more
wholeness is revealed. This can bring into our lives more than just the
memory of who we really are but, in fact, the experience of who we
really are.

Thomas was given the gift to draw from that same brilliant, golden light
he had encountered in his journey which brings spectrums that enliven
the bodys natural physical and emotional healing process. The spectrums
not only facilitate pain relief but also help release the underlying
remnants of trauma in the physiology that give rise to physical and
emotional dysfunction.

<i> When I heard Thomas share his story I was impressed by his simple
and graceful manner of speaking. He was able to clearly describe
something that is almost beyond description.\"</i>--Radha Nayar,

<i> \"Thomas Gates is an exceptional speaker with an extraordinary
message. The story of his profound near-death experience conveys a deep
sense of peace and an understanding of the eternal connection that we
all have to one another.\"</i> --Loni Parrott, Founder and Facilitator,
Iowa City, IA IANDS

<i> \"I had just hurt my ankle and was limping badly when I had a
session with Thomas. I immediately began to feel heat in the ankle and
then a soothing coolness as the pain disappeared. After the session I
stood up and walked without any pain whatsoever. I never had a problem
with it again.\"</i> --MM, Fairfield, IA, Consultant

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