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Guest Speaker: Ken Prather

Near-Death Experiencer (2X) and Facilitator of Ft. Wayne (IN) IANDS, Ken "Reaches for Joy" despite many injuries received in a beating with baseball bats.

Ken Prather has had two Near-Death Experiences: the first one when he
was 9 years old, and another one when he was 49 years old, as a result
of being beaten by several men with baseball bats. After the second NDE,
he spent thirty-two days on life support, three months in a hospital,
and three years in a long-term physical rehabilitation center. He also
had total organ failure and a broken back.

Kens amazing NDE has put him on a spiritual path which has produced
many miracles in his life, including an amazing healing which allowed
him to walk again, after many months in a wheel chair. Today, at age 54,
Ken Prather is an inspiring Hospice Volunteer and Near-Death Counselor
in Fort Wayne, IN, as well as the facilitator of Ft. Wayne IANDS. He is
also the founder of an outreach program, *Reaching For Joy.* He has had
many articles written about his experiences and he is writing a book
about them called *My Journey Back.* He also writes poetry and
inspirational stories.

For more info, visit Ken\'s web site: [ **][1]


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