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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Ingrid Dilley


April 10, 2004

Near-Death Experiencer and Founder of Renewing Life; Co-Facilitator of Madison IANDS

Ingrid Ingrasci Dilley is co-facilitator of Madison IANDS, an author,
and a trainer for the *Renewing Life* program in hospitals across the
country. She has a B.S. in occupational therapy and seventeen years
experience in psychiatric and AODA counseling. She is a professional
workshop presenter and a television consultant on PNI
(psychoneuro-immunology) concepts and near-death experiences. She has
trained with Dr. Bernie Siegel and Dr. Jerry Jampolsky to facilitate
cancer support groups and with Dr. Martin Rossman and Dr. David Bressler
on advanced clinical guided imagery work. Her spiritual path has been a
blending of many traditions and is mostly intuitive.

Ingrid�s background includes a lineage of mystics and psychics. Her
Grandmother was a healer, an Uncle was a psychic, and her maiden name
�Ingrasci� means �with grace� in Italian. Although she had inklings as a
child of her spiritual guidance, it was not until she had a near-death
experience at the age of eighteen that she became fully spiritually
awakened. Her struggle with cancer from ages 16 to 31 also included many
spiritual interventions.

In her life�s work, Ingrid is strongly committed to personal empowerment
through spiritual and educational integration. She has authored and now
teaches an interactive mind/body/spirit workshop called *Renewing Life,*
designed for people with life threatening illnesses. This program has
been endorsed by nationally known author and speaker, Dr. Joan
Borysenko, and is integrated into cancer centers in nine states.

In addition, Ingrid teaches ESP (Empowerment, Spirituality, and Purpose)
workshops to help participants develop a spiritually guided path. She
has co-presented a Chakra Workshop through a complimentary medicine
center and also directs a non-profit organization, Insight Dynamics,
Inc., which provides transformational workshops on
psychoneuro-immunology and near-death experiences.

Ms. Dilley lives in Madison, WI, with her husband. She is a mother of
five children in a blended family of yours, mine and ours, and is a
step-grandmother of five.

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