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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Donna McCue


February 14, 2004

Near-Death Experiencer, Comedienne, author of Your Fate is in Your Hands,Donna helps people through her humor and psychic ability.

Articulate, personable, and sparkling with humor and insight, Donna
McCue has many exciting and memorable stories to tell.

Donna is an author, comedienne, radio personality, intuitive consultant,
as well as a wife and mother, who is based in East Hampton, New York.
Vibrant and quick witted, Ms. McCue is a nationally known intuitive,
celebrated locally as the \"intuitive consultant to the stars.\" She had
an intense near-death experience which catapulted her into the work
which she so successfully does.

In her twenty-five year practice of the art of intuition, Ms. McCue\'s
clientele has ranged from newscasters to musicians, media personalities
to stockbrokers. She has worked as a consultant with the FBI, and for
corporations that include Home Box Office (for whom she forecast the
future of the creative staff), and Merrill Lynch, who invited her to
participate in a semiannual dinner for new brokers in the late eighties.
During the dinner with Merrill Lynch employees, Ms. McCue found herself
- much to her own surprise - telling at least forty of the attendees
that she saw them leaving their jobs. Only days later Black Tuesday
descended -- the market crashed and aggressive downsizing began.

Ms. McCue has read the hands of many celebrities, artists and thinkers
such as Willem De Kooning, Salvador Dali, William Styron and Faith

Previously a radio personality and standup comedienne, Ms. McCue has a
live, call-in public television show, The Donna McCue Show, which can
presently be seen on Long Island\'s Cablevision, and on Manhattan Cable
television. Her show boasts a highly original combination of eclectic
though accessible elements: wisdom wit, and hands-on healing.

In the early nineties, Ms. McCue was the numerology and astrology writer
for Hampton Magazine. She presently gives corporate and private sector
workshops and seminars, geared towards helping others to get in touch
with their intuitive abilities through a series of simple interactive
exercises. Her book,<i> Your Fate is in Your Hands,</i> tells her
personal story.

Aside from a full schedule of corporate events and seminars, Donna is
raising her two sons with her husband, who she met while doing a reading
back in 1981. \"I read his hand and the first thing I blurted out was,
\'You are going to marry me\'. Without missing a beat he answered, \'If
I\'m going to marry you, perhaps we should have dinner first\'.\" Two
years later they were married.

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