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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Joyce Hawkes, PhD


May 10, 2003

Bio-physicist, NDEr, Healer---from Seattle. Join us for our 5th Anniversary Celebration!!

"<strong> N.B.: NEW LOCATION - Frank Auditorium at Evanston Hospital,
2650 Ridge Ave (& Central St), Evanston. </strong>

Prompted by a Near-Death-Experience, Joyce Hawkes, Ph.D. (Biophysics)
embarked on a radical change in professional focus in 1984. After 15
years as a respected and prolific research scientist (author of 50
scientific papers, Fellow with the NIH, Fellow with American Association
of Advancement of Science, International lecturer in cell biology) she
set aside her career to pursue an intensive exploration of spiritual and
healing traditions. She spent extended periods of time in the
Philippines, England, India, and Bali working with healers and spiritual
leaders, discovering how many indigenous healers come to their calling
through NDE\'s.

Appearing on national and local TV (Good Morning America, Jan, 2002),
guest of Art Bell on Coast to Coast Radio (Mar, 2002), frequent speaker
at Science and Consciousness Conferences in NM, and Distinguished
Contributor to the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences
(May, 2003), Joyce combines her knowledge and expertise as a scientist
and the wisdom of her heart as a healer.

Dr. Hawkes will be doing healings while she is in Chicago on Sunday and
Monday, April 11 and 12. To schedule an appointment, call Chicago IANDS
at 847.251.5758.

For more info, visit her web site: [ **][1]


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