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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Anne Marie Work


August 9, 2003

Near-Death Experiencer who brought back powerful harmonic healing methods and cured herself from multiple sclerosis.

"Ann Marie Work is founder of Symmetry International, Co-author of:
*Awaken to the Healer Within,* Creator of Harmonic Products, and
Originator of Harmonic Synchronistic Attunements.

After conquering multiple sclerosis, surviving a near-death experience
and reclaiming empowerment, Ann Marie shares the powerful techniques she
used to heal her body and her life. The Rhythms of Rejuvenation and
Breath of Life restore, activate and maintain the bodys natural
matrixes of energy and rejuvenation. Using theories of quantum physics,
bio-resonance and photon technology, she creates Harmonic Products (see, part of an emerging new science which
is changing the world.

For more info about Anne Marie Work, please see the following web sites:
[ **][1] and [ **][2]


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