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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Judith Citrin


June 14, 2003

"NDEr, Spiritual Guide, Healer, Artist and Near-Death Experiencer
"The Near-Death Experience: Passport to an Awakened Life""

"A near-death experiencer, Judith Citrin uses her training in energetic
healing, consciousness, and spiritual psychologies to facilitate and
guide persons on their journey to the Self. For many years she has been
synthesizing and refining methods of healing that she has been guided to
study and has been working with individual clients and groups to produce
the possibility of awakening their recognition of essential wholeness,
holiness, and love.

Ms. Citrin also gives workshops and classes for health-care
professionals, clergy, artists, and others interested in experiencing
the essential nature of their being prior to the crystalization of
cultural conditionings. She consults with physicians, and has worked
with patients and physicians utilizing subtle energies before, during
and after surgery. She presented workshops, trainings, and conferences
for the Oasis Center in Chicago for 18 years, and has served as
consultant and presenter for other organizations and institutions such
as the School of Nursing, Loyola University of Chicago, Notre Dame
University, The Institute of Cultural Affairs, The Center for Education
on Death and Dying, The Ecumenical Women�s Center, The Lutheran School
of Theology at Chicago, Genesis House (a rehab facility for
prostitutes), Apnegar (a facility for battered Moslem women), Evanston
Hospital, Notre Dame University, Interface, ant the Menninger Clinic�s
Council Grove Conference on States of Consciousness and Voluntary
Control of Internal States.

In addition, Ms. Citrin has worked as a sculptor and painter for 30
years, exhibiting her work nationally and internationally in many
one-woman and invited group exhibitions at museums and galleries such as
the National Museum of American Art of the Smithsonian Institution, the
Art Institute of Chicago, the National Musee des Oudaias, Rabat,
Morocco, and the Museum of Art, University of Oklahoma. Her work is in
collections including the UCLA Anais Nin Memorial Collection, Michael
Reese Hospital, the Ruth Page Foundation, the Museum of Contemporary
Art, and numerous private collections here and abroad. Articles about
her work have appeared in Art Forum, The New York Times, the National
Arts Guide, the Art Examiner, newspapers and books. Her drawings were
published in Corona, and sculptures will be published in the soon to be
released book Anais Nin: A Book of Mirrors. Prior to her career as an
artist, Ms. Citrin worked for over five years on network cultural and
human service programs for WTTW, Chicago�s public television station. As
co-coordinator of the Golden Sufi meditation group of greater Chicago
she currently facilitates a weekly meditation, prayer, and dreamwork
meeting, as well as a weekly gathering of women healing through the deep

Ms. Citrin studied fine art at the University of IL and the American
Academy of Art. She studied healing with Brugh Joy, MD, Richard Moss,
MD, Stanislav Grof, MD, and Reiki master teachers. She studied intuition
for health-care professionals with Norman Shealy, MD and Caroline Myss,
PhD. She received a grant from the IL arts Council, was a long-time
artist-in-residence at Noyes Cultural Arts Center, Evanston, IL, and was
granted an artist-in-residency by the Minister of Culture of Morocco.
She served on the Citizen�s Council of WTTW television, and was a
professional staff member of the Oasis Center where she taught energy
healing from 1981 to its closing in 1999. She coordinated the Spiritual
Emergence Network for the midwest from 1981 to 1999, and is a
professional member since its inception of the International Society for
the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy medicine. Additionally she serves
as Director of Transformational Travel and has led healing workshops and
trainings in the US, Egypt, Morocco, and Mexico."

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