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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Cheryl Booth


March 8, 2003

Psychic Medium and Near-Death Experiencer (from Seattle, WA)

"Cheryl Booth currently resides near Seattle, WA. She is a gifted psychic
medium who also does hypno-therapy and past-life regressions. Born with
psychic abilities into a Pentecostal family, Cheryl wasn\'t clear about
her life direction until she had a near-death experience while she was
in college, which gave her the impetus to start a career using her

Cheryl aligns with Archangel Raphael who lovingly assists her with
healing and relationship issues.Cheryl\'s entire immediate family, now
in spirit, are also working with her, as well as the beautiful
enlightened energies of Edgar Cayce, Dr. James Martin Peebles and

Cherly will be giving readings on Thursday and Friday before her
appearance at Chicago IANDS. You can learn more about Cheryl and the
readings and how to sign up for them by visiting her web site: See [


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