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Image by Nick Scheerbart
Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Hospice Doctor Pam Kircher, author, "Love is the Link," will speak about The Death Process


May 11, 2002

Dr. Pam Kircher works in hospice in Durango, Colorado. She is a very
inspirational speaker who draws on her experience as a doctor as well as
that of a near-death experiencer.

Dr. Kircher graduated from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas
in 1979. She completed her Family Practice Residency at the University
of Texas Health Science Center in Houston in 1982. Upon completion of
her studies, she remained in Houston where she had a family practice
from 1982-1990 and then became a physician at the Texas Medical Center
Hospice from 1990-1994.

After moving to Durango, Colorado in 1994, Dr. Kircher practiced as a
family physician until 1997. She is now the Medical Director of the
Wellness Center at Mercy Medical Center in Durango, where she is a
member of the advisory board of the Hospice of Mercy and also maintains
a counseling practice.

She published *Love is the Link: A Hospice Physician Shares Her
Experience of Near-Death and Dying* in 1995 (Larson Publications). Since
that time, she has spoken locally and nationally about near-death
experiences and end-of-life issues and is serving as secretary on the
Board of Directors of the International Association for Near-Death
Studies (IANDS).

<tt> \"*Love is the Link* is an extraordinary book, written by a
physician who has undergone her own near-death experience. Dr. Pamela
Kircher writes with deep insight and great compassion. This book is a
valuable contribution to our understanding of both life and death, and
will bring great comfort to anyone who reads it.\" ---Larry Dossey,
M.D., author of *Healing Words* and *Recovering the Soul.* <tt /> <tt>
\"I have had the experience and heard the voice so I know the
message of this book. If this is not your life story, then read the
book, hear the voice and change your life.\" ---Dr. Bernie Siegel,
author of *Love, Medicine and Miracles* \"Stories of near-death and
dying episodes collectively have come to
constitute a wisdom teaching for the modern world. Pamela Kircher,
writing and working within the tradition established by Elisabeth
Kubler-Ross, has done a masterful job in this book of distilling the
essence of this teaching and showing how each of us can learn from it.
*Love is the Link*is an extremely valuable contribution to the death and
dying literature, and I recommend it unreservedly to everyone---but
especially to Dr. Kircher\'s fellow and sister physicians.\" ---Kenneth
Ring, Ph.D., author of *Life at Death* and *Heading Towards Omega*



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