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Image by Nick Scheerbart
Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Asia Voight


November 9, 2002

Animal Communicator and Near-Death Experiencer

In December of 1987, Asia Voight was in a life-threatening car accident
which resulted when a semitrailer ran into her van. She was trapped
inside as a wall of fire burned all around her. Miraculously she
survived. She spent three months in the Intensive Care Unit, and another
nine months in the hospital. Asia had 4 near death experiences. Two of
them she remembers clearly and will be sharing with you. She will also
talk about the results of her experiences and how she came to talk to
animals. Asia comments, \"I have really used this horrific accident as
an opportunity to see the world from a spiritual perspective. It has
opened my eyes to a new level of love.\"

After the car accident, Asia was awakened to reconnect with her inborn
ability to communicate with animals. She began her professional work in
August 1998 after studying advanced levels of animal communication with
Penelope Smith. She has enjoyed working with over 4000 animals and also
teaches workshops in animal communication.

Asia\'s work has been featured on television, in magazines, and in Dr.
Julie Kaufmans\'s book,<i> Crossing the Rubicon: Celebration of the
Human-Animal Bond in Life and Death.</i> Asia has also appeared as a
keynote speaker at the Midwest Horse Fair, Madison, WI, 2000, and at the
Wellness Conference, Madison, WI, 2001. She earned a degree in
Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. She has
also worked as a midwife\'s assistant, cranial-sacral therapist, and

We hope you can join us to hear Asia tell her story and to continue
sharing inspiration, information and support together.

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