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Image by Nick Scheerbart
Image by Nick Scheerbart

GUEST SPEAKER: Robert Taub, Author of "Awakening in America"


August 10, 2002

In 1987 Robert Taub had an MBA, an interesting job with an airline, a
brand new car, some great friends, and acquaintances to travel with, and
was living in the River north area of Chicago. He began, however, to
become dissatisfied with his life, and discovered later that he was
beginning to awaken spiritually. In 1989 he left his job to become a
technology consultant and instructor, which provided him with the
flexibility for what would follow.

Severe health problems beginning in 1992 caused him to leave the
mainstream and to engage in a semi-monastic life of reading, meditation
and learning about holistic healing, while working part-time.

Several days of vivid past-life recall, mystical, and near-death
experience followed in February 2000, which resulted in the writing of
\"Awakening in America\", the title of which was shown to him in a
dream. He lives and writes in Chicago and information on his upcoming
projects may be obtained at [**][1].


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