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Image by Nick Scheerbart
Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Caroline Sutherland


October 12, 2002

Medical Intuitive, Near-Death Experiencer, and author of "The Body Knows."

<i>\"Studying with Caroline Sutherland has made a positive difference in
my health. I feel younger than I did five years ago. Hay House is proud
to publish her significant book.\" --Louise L. Hay, author of<u> You Can
Heal Your LIfe</u> </i> Caroline Sutherland: Near-Death Experiencer,
Medical Intuitive and
author of The Body �Knows,� will be guest speaker at the October meeting
of Chicago IANDS on October 12, at 2 pm, at the Unity Church on the
North Shore, 3434 Central, in Evanston.

The gift of medical intuition came to Caroline Sutherland quite
suddenly, in 1985, when she was a physician�s assistant and
diagnostician for a very busy medical doctor who was practicing
Environmental Medicine. She had been trained in the use of very specific
diagnostic allergy testing equipment and at a certain point, after using
the equipment for about a year, she would hear a very distinct voice
guiding her to areas of the body and telling her to test specific
substances which were not ordered on the test forms.

This gift has continued for the past 16 years and Caroline has now
worked with over 60,000 people in both clinical settings and private
consultations during this time. Her medical intuitive ability is very
specific to the physical body. Because of an extensive background in
Environmental Medicine, she can see the body from that perspective and
can immediately read all of the foods that a person is
allergic/sensitive to, see the main systems which are �down�, the state
of the GI tract, immunity, hormone imbalances, weight problems,
underlying causes and when they may have begun and what precipitated
them etc.

She does not need to be in the physical presence of the person. All she
needs to know is their name and a little about them, hear their voice or
see a photo. The minute she connects with the person seeking her help,
she is given a flood of data. The information is very specific, but the
imbalances are only part of the picture. She can also see the
�correction� ---what is needed to bring the body back into balance in
terms of diet, supplements, botanicals, homeopathy and associated
modalities. Often, she can hold a bottle of vitamins or any other
substance that a person is taking and know whether it is beneficial or
not. Among other perceptions, she has a sense of timing---how long it
will take the person to re-balance and whether or not that individual
will be compliant or if indeed they are likely to recover.

Two significant spiritual events helped Caroline to evolve into her
current leadership role. One was an �angelic encounter� in 1985, which
led Caroline to start her world-wide children�s ministry through the use
of �Angels for Kids�---angel dolls and visualization audio tapes to
comfort children. And in 1995, Caroline had a brief but powerful glimpse
of the other side when she was in a serious automobile accident, which
was a further catalyst for her work as a medical intuitive. On October
12, she will talk about both of these experiences as well as her work,
and those people attending the meeting will have an opportunity to sign
up for individual assessments.

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