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Guest Speaker: Linda Morris,RN,PhD, NDE Researcher "Tales From the Light"


November 10, 2001

Tales from the Light is a summary of the findings from eight years of
research into the near-death experience. The speaker interviewed
patients who had unusual recollections of a period of
\"unconsciousness\" and interviewed nurses who have cared for patients
with near-death experiences. The findings may surprise you.

Linda Morris,PhD, has been a critical care nurse for 25 years,
specializing in cardiac and respiratory nursing. She received a
bachelor\'s degree from SIU at Edwardsville, Illinois in 1976, a MS from
Loyola U. in 1981; and a Ph.D. from the U. of IL/Chicago in 1998.

Ms. Morris has been an instructor, guest lecturer, and assistant
professor for several colleges and universities in the Chicago area. She
is currently a regional clinical educator for Adventist Health Systems,
with offices at Hinsdale Hospital and LaGrange Memorial Hospital. She
also owns a consulting firm, specializing in continuing education
programs for nurses and other health professionals and has published
extensively in the field of critical care. She is a nationally known
speaker in her field, and has presented most recently for the American
Association of Critical Care Nurses in Anaheim, California. She has also
presented her research for conferences at the University of Chicago, the
Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and the International Association
of Near-Death Studies in Seattle, Washington. The topic of her
dissertation, completed in 1998, was \"The Nature and Meaning of
Near-Death Experiences to Patients and Critical Care Nurses\".

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