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Guest Speaker: Susan Wisehart, M.S., NCSP, CHt, LMFT


January 9, 2016

Psychotherapist, Hynotherapist, Past-Life Regressionist, Studied with Brian Weiss and Michael Newton, Author of Soul Visioning…. Experience a GROUP PAST-LIFE REGRESSION on this date!

**New Evidence For Past Lives and Group Past Life Regression**

Past life journeys are powerful experiences which deepen the understanding of your life purpose, talents and soul lessons. Come and explore yours with Susan Wisehart, specialist in past life regression, holistic psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and international author of the acclaimed book, *Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future* (endorsed by Brian Weiss, MD, Sonia Choquette and Debbie Ford).

Many people have discovered and healed the root cause of mental, emotional, physical, and relationship patterns that have carried over into this life through past life regression. This workshop will include a group guided journey to a happy past life experience.

Susan will also discuss new evidence for facial physical features carrying over from past lives. She will show comparison photos of famous people demonstrating similarities of their past life facial characteristics with their current life appearance.

Don't miss this fascinating, compelling and deeply healing event!

**Susan Wisehart** is an author, Holistic Psychotherapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, and a Certified Hypnotherapist with a Masters degree in Psychology.

Susan uses traditional and non-traditional approaches in her psychotherapy private practice with individuals, couples, children and families. These include energy psychology (EFT, TAT®, EMDR, HMR®, WHEE®), hypnotherapy, and her specialty Past Life Regression Therapy and Life Between Lives Regression.

Susan trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, author of *Many Lives, Many Masters*, and with Dr. Roger Woolger, author of *Other Lives, Other Selves*. Susan received further certification in Life Between Lives regressions with Dr. Michael Newton, author of *Journey of Souls* and *Destiny of Souls*. She is a contributing author to Michael Newton’s new book *Memories of the Afterlife*.

Susan co-facilitates workshops with her husband David Birr on many topics including past life/between lives regression, dream interpretation, soul growth, Soul Visioning, and relationships as a path to spiritual awakening.

In her 30 years of professional practice, Susan has developed her own exclusive process she calls Soul Visioning™ which is the subject of her book *Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future* (Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing)


-Certified Advanced International Training Program with the Association for Past Life Research and Therapies

-Trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, author of *Many Lives, Many Masters*

-Trained in England by Dr. Roger Woolger, author of *Other Lives, Other Selves*

-Certified in Life between Lives Regression by Dr. Michael Newton, author of *Destiny of Souls* and *Journey of Souls*

-Participated in Past Life Regression seminars presented by Helen Wambach, Henry Leo Bolduc, Winfred Lucas and other leaders in the field

-Holistic psychotherapist

-Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

-Nationally Certified School Psychologist

-Masters Degree in Psychology with over 30 years of experience (Indiana University)

-State Licensed Therapist (out of network insurance reimbursement may be available)

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