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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Roberta Grimes

February 11, 2012

Author, The Fun of Dying, Lawyer

NDEr, Author of *The Fun of Dying*

An accomplished professional, Roberta Grimes is a financial
planner and an attorney licensed in Massachusetts, Florida, and
Texas. While money is an oft-discussed topic, Grimes is well
versed in a subject not many are comfortable with: the afterlife. For the past 40 years, she has pored over centuries of research and accounts dealing with death.

From her first experience with the “other side” at age 8, Grimes has immersed herself in all she could find on the topic.
While many find the reality of death grim, Roberta Grimes has
discovered the hopeful truth about the afterlife, and has set out to help others see this, too.

Her new, uplifting book, >*The Fun of
Dying: Find Out What Really Happens Next! * (Greater Reality
Publications, 978-0-9802111-1-5, 2010, $14.95) explains the reality of what happens before, during and after death.
“For most people, dying is the great unknown,” Grimes says. “So for most, this universal trip is as scary
as sailing used to be when the flat Earth had edges and the sea was full of dragons.”

Roberta recently helped to found, which is a website for the discussion of death and spirituality from a non-religious point of view. She hopes her conclusions on the topic can alleviate many people’s intense fear of dying, and can help the grieving cope better with their loss. Using her knowledge of the other side, she aims to spread the
positive reality of death, changing lives as she explains how after death life is, indeed, fun.

Born in Worcester, Mass., Grimes is a graduate of Smith College and Boston University School of Law. She continues to practice small-business law in Massachusetts and Texas. She has been happily married for 39 years, and she enjoys her three adult children and four young grandchildren. Roberta says that her family “tolerates” her obsession with death, but when she wants to talk about it they change the subject!

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