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Guest Speaker: Chris Markey

January 9, 2010

NDEr; died twice---extensive life review; lawyer; US Air Force Academy Prep

Chris Markey was born July 29, 1950 in Maywood, Illinois. Immediately
after his birth, his father left from the hospital for 22 months in
Korea. At the age of 5 his family moved to Hubbard Woods, IL, and he
attended Sacred Heart grammar school (Fransiscan Sisters), Loyola
Academy, where they won the city championship in 1965 and 1966, then the
U.S. Air Force Academy Prep school (red shirted), Xavier University,
Loyola University of Chicago, B.A., 1973. DePaul University, double MS
in Administration of Rehabilitation Services, 1977. Juris Doctor degree,
1996, from The John Marshall Law School.

Chris\' Dad was Howard T. Markey, the only surviving jet test pilot of
the original ten high altitude test pilots in Alaska. Eventual Major
General, Commander of Illinois Air National Guard at O\'Hare, Named by
Nixon as a Federal judge in 1972, formed the U.S. Court of Appeals for
the Federal Circuit and was its first Chief Judge (nineteen years). The
same Howard T. Markey after whom the Congress renamed the National
Courthouse. Nothing much to live up to!

Chris married Peggy Morrissey June 9, 1972 and they are still married.
They adopted two sons at birth: Thomas, born 9/16/84 and Patrick, born

His career includes on the job training in all the basics of vocational
rehabilitation at the Jewish Vocational Center (4 years), eventually
becoming liason to Northwestern\'s Psychiatric Institute where they
became aware of The Thresholds---psycho-social rehabilitation of
chronically mentally ill adults (8 years) He was then made Vocational
Coordinator at the central location, Clinical Director of the South
Branch (47th & Halsted), Assistant Director of the South Branch, and
Director of the South Branch. He also sold and leased industrial
properties from Elk Grove Village to Elgin, Illinois (6 years).

Chris went to law school at the age of 42 and graduated after four years
of night school. He became the only Associate Attorney to Michael W.
Coffield & Associates (10 years) and has operated his own firm for the
past four years. He also taught \"Counseling and Negotiations\" at The
John Marshall Law School for ten years.

On October 9, 2006 he had a triple bypass operation at Rush Presbyterian
Hospital. On October 10, 2006 at 8:15 am. and again at 10:15 am. he
died. Although he has not yet pursued obtaining his complete medical
records of the event, he was told he was gone the first time for 6
minutes and the second time for 13 minutes. His death experience
happened the same way both times and he is bound to describe \"it\" to
anyone who is willing to listen.

\"IT\" is immediate, \"IT\" is painless, \"IT\" teaches us about our
souls, \"IT\" was an incredible celebration, \"IT\" was a life review
and for him, \"IT\" depended on his answer to one question repeated at
every step of his life review...A question extraordinarily simple yet
more than a little complex. Join us to find out what \"IT\" was!

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