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Guest Speaker: Charles Graybar


December 13, 2003

Author of "Beyond the Broken Gate" who discovered a portal and found answers more detailed than an NDE.

Charles Graybar started out studying physics and other core sciences
from his teenage years onward. In his early 20\'s, he shifted his focus
and began a career in the media industry, and by 40, he had become
senior vice president for Capital Cities/ABC, the parent company of ABC Television and had gained broad notoriety as an expert in the media business. Throughout his career he has been broadly quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, USA Today and many national and international publications as well as making appearances on CNN's Moneyline. Since the 1980\'s Graybar has served on seven private company Boards of Directors and consulted to more than 30 Boards of Directors of corporations and not-for-profit organizations.
Despite his success in business as he reached his late 30\'s he began to see his life as ostensibly empty and lacking true purpose. While
experimenting with a combination of meditation techniques as a means of escaping the stresses of corporate life, in late 1993 he came across a gateway of sorts; this \"portal\", accessed through his accidentally-discovered combination of meditation methodologies, ultimately facilitated the ability to communicate with, what was at first, an unidentifiable spiritual entity. Graybar initially dismissed this
experience entirely due largely to his early scientific training. Most
surprising of all though was that, several days later when he duplicated the methods he had used to access this unusual pathway, he was able to duplicate the experience including the unusual communication with the advanced spirit. The experiences were so acute and the insights gained through the spiritual entity so stunning that within a year of stumbling upon this unusual state of perception, Graybar left his secure corporate position and began a near full-time pursuit of spiritual investigation and search for enlightenment.
Beyond the Broken Gate, rated #1 on <a href=""><u></u></a> within two months of its release, is a chronicle of his search to find meaning in both his stunning discovery and also the very purpose of life. Along this course, he transitioned enormously from a scientific orientation with no belief in "a God which cannot be proven" to a hard-charging corporate executive with "no belief in a God that allows the terrible people in the world to go unpunished" to a person whose entire life\'s purpose has become to walk through life with compassion as a dedicated spiritual person who acknowledges "our irrefutable and essential connection with God and each other." Beyond the Broken Gate details the spiritual entities' brilliant insights on questions such as; why we live, what we're meant to do in this life and what comes after this experience that we call life?
Charles Graybar now looks back and acknowledges the many changes he has made in his life. "I made a rather substantial transformation from a hard-charging Fortune 100 senior executive to a guy that now raises horses and writes books for a living." Along with spending his time writing and tending to his horses, he is also a corporate board consultant in addition to a group speaker who shares his spiritual insights and life transformation.
For more info, visit his web site: [ *<a href=""><u></u></a>*][1]
[1]: <a href=""><u></u></a>

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